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Tree Varieties

The Douglas Fir has soft short dark green needles & limber branches.  It's needle retention and traditional Christmas tree fragrance make it a popular choice.

ConColor (Silver Fir) is relatively new in the Northern Virginia market, and is growing in popularity.  It has  a long soft silvery green needle that emits a citrus fragrance when crushed. Great needle retention & strong branches make it a growing favorite.

The Norway Spruce is another favorite.  It has short dark green needles, strong branches and a great traditional fragrance. 

A Blue Spruce Christmas Tree is truly a majestic tree, favored for it's bluei/green needles and sturdy branches. Needle retention is good.

The White Spruce is not as well known as the other spruces and has it's own unique qualities.  Instead of having the more common fragrance of most spruces, the white spruce has a woodsy fragrance.

The White Pine has long soft  bluish green needles & limber branches.   White Pines  great needle retention.

Future Variety - We have started planting Canaan Firs (originally from Canaan Valley, West Virginia.  A few of the Canaan Firs are already 7 feet tall.   The Canaan Fir looks very similar to the Fraser Fir.