Two problems have persisted over the last few years.

Problem 1:  Incidents with pets.  Solution:  Pets will no longer be allowed on the farm.
Problem 2:  Each year more and more people are trying to get their trees on Thanksgiving weekend.  It is creating safety hazards on the roads around tree farms and creating lengthy lines on the farms.  Moose Apple has decided to remedy this by changing from a Choose & Cut farm to a Pre-Tag & Cut farm.    

What does this mean? Moose Apple will be open weekends from Oct 2 through Sunday Nov 14  for anyone that wishes to cut a tree from the farm to come and pre-tag their tree.  After Nov 14 the fields will be closed except for people cutting their pre-tagged trees.  For the 2021 season we are also implementing a non-refundable $20 ($21.06 with tax) deposit for each pre-tagged tree.  

We are going to limit how many pre-tagged trees can be cut each day.  This should address the traffic congestion and long lines that have occurred on Thanksgiving weekend.   Part of the pre-tagging process will be selecting the day you plan to return and cut your tree.  The limit will be 250 per day.   Once the appointments for a day are full, you will have to select any of the other days. 

We will have a nice selection of Fraser Firs from North Carolina for anyone that comes to the farm after Nov 20 and did not pre-tag a tree.

Reasons for moving to a Pre-Tag & Cut Farm:

1.       Safety on the roads around farm, in parking areas, etc.
2.       Reduce wait times for check-in, tree processing, paying, and loading.

3.       Trying to create a more pleasant experience by reducing crowds.

4.       Some people did not really want their tree on Thanksgiving weekend and only came then because they did not want to miss out and not have a tree.  The new procedure will allow them to schedule an appointment closer to Christmas and feel comfortable the tree will still be available because the fields will be closed to other customers that have not pre-tagged. 5.       Two of the more beautiful trees on the farm are the Norway Spruce and the Blue Ice.  Both have poorer needle retention and should be cut starting the second weekend in December.  The new procedure will allow them to get their trees at a more appropriate time.